Berkley & Allison

Nashville, TN
Erin is a boss. We hired her as our wedding planner over a year in advance, and she led us every step of the way. Even though we live out-of-state, one of us was in our first year of law school, and the other had started a new job, she helped us chip away at the planning, so that we never felt overwhelmed. She has so much experience that nothing throws her for a loop. She has connections with the best vendors, who we also loved. Most importantly, she made our wedding day run seamlessly. Our vision came to life better than we could have imagined, and we felt present for every moment of the day. We will cherish our wedding day forever. We recommend Erin without reservation.

Jackie & Ben

Boca Raton, FL
I had the perfect wedding. How many former brides (now wives) can say that? I can, and I can attribute it to Erin Pangerl. I cannot thank Erin enough for making my dream wedding a reality. In the days leading up to the wedding, I was relaxed, and it was because I trusted Erin and her team entirely. I knew that in her capable hands everything would be perfect - and to be honest, my very high expectations were exceeded. In the weeks and months leading up to our wedding, Erin consistently went above and beyond to help plan the wedding and, very importantly, keep my (and my mom's) nerves at ease. She had an amazing knack at knowing what I wanted in some cases even before I knew what I wanted. She has impeccable taste, works extremely hard and manages to do it all with a smile.


Linda & Alex

Nashville, TN
Erin Pangerl is a gift to the wedding industry and any couple grappling with the gravity of getting married. She breaks down, bit by bit, the most rational approach to every corner of the operation. What you think you need vs what you actually need vs what you had no idea you needed but you really do need. Everything is organized and presented for the layman to understand. She always delivered a rational game plan.  Erin has become a lifer we always look forward to catching up when we are in Nashville.

Sheena & Ken

Boca Raton-FL

Erin was incredible to work with; she gave us an absolutely beautiful and perfect wedding! She is extremely detail-oriented and great at communicating throughout the entire process. She was able to take our simple and sometimes unclear ideas and create such a beautiful event that our friends are still talking about. I would highly recommend Erin to anyone having an event, I am confident that she will exceed all of your expectations.


Stacey & Camron

Nashville, TN
We worked with Erin for our December wedding and had such a fantastic experience! Everything was coordinated perfectly and most of my vendors complimented her organization - a pretty high compliment given how many people they work with in the wedding industry! It was a huge relief to be able to work with someone that so many people trust for our wedding day.

Jessica & Hugo

Boca Raton, FL

Erin is incredible! We loved her from the moment we met her. She is a real go-getter and loves what she does. She is very thorough and she really put my mind at ease. She is professional, yet down to earth. Brides, my best advice for the day of is "let go" and let Erin do her thing...she will make it happen. Her and her team are amazing!