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Burying Bourbon: A Southern Wedding Tradition | Emma & Marshal at Saddle Woods Farm

Is it really a southern wedding without some whiskey?

Call it a southern wedding superstition or tradition, but it definitely calls for a good time. Exactly 1 month before wedding day, couples bury a brand-new, sealed bottle of their favorite whiskey in the ground. Whether it’s at the venue or somewhere special close by, folklore says it helps prevent rain on your wedding day. Simply find a spot, flip the bottle upside down, and bury it under some soil. Let it stay put for 30 days - no more, no less. Consider a custom stone or small wooden sign to mark its exact spot. Because on wedding day, it's time to dig it up and pour a glass together with the wedding party. Cheers!

For Emma and Marshal, this unique wedding tradition worked. We celebrated their autumn wedding ceremony at Saddle Wood Farms in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. The charmingly rustic southern venue was filled by family and friends and there was no rain in sight. With the help of a shovel, the whiskey flowed for some fun, personality-filled Nashville wedding photos.

Burying the bourbon helps couples worry less about rain and make more memories during the celebration. Sure, it might be more of an unconventional wedding tradition but it’s a simple, memorable addition to any celebration.

I know - there’s a lot going down 30 days before wedding day. Tons of anticipation and nailing down every final detail. As a planner, I’m here to take that off your plate, but I’m also here to remind you: those 30 days should also be filled with fun. And..maybe? Burying some booze.

Is this a tradition you'll bring to life at your wedding? What are some southern wedding traditions you’ve heard?

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